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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with superior advice and develop creative solutions to complete Risk Management, Financial & Employee Benefits issues and deliver extraordinary results. Pan West Indian Insurance Brokers Ltd. (PWIB) is an independently managed and registered broker with the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago. The catalyst for our formation was the need for an independent, well-informed, innovative and technically proficient broker.

The organization is a privately owned insurance and reinsurance advisory firm with a specialization in the financial services sector. We are widely regarded as an independent broker in the professional markets in which we operate. Led by insurance professionals, the partners and our senior staff deliver exceptional service to our customers. Our private status means the partners and all our staff are rewarded based on the success of the business and are constantly motivated to do an outstanding job.

The employees of the business foster an independence and objectivity not always found in larger insurance broking firms. The success of this philosophy has been confirmed by our performance. PWIB will continue to build on the excellent relationships, which the partners have developed with insurers both local and international. These relationships form part of the foundation for the excellent value and service provided to our clients.

It is understood that risk must be clinically evaluated before written. Our Technical Team has extensive knowledge of our market and the relevant experience to design and deliver the right cover. Our services are not limited to just providing the most effective cover but to guide our clients in effective risk management principles.

Claim Settlement

PWIB recognizes that claims service is a major requirement of any broker. Our ability to competently and expeditiously settle claims is a very critical function of our organization. Our claims experts have been involved in settling over TTD$60,000,000 worth of claims in their experience and handle claims both locally and regionally.

Promises given about service levels are easy to make and difficult to deliver. The formative stages of a young company are often the most critical. We have to deliver our promises, not only in obtaining the premium, coverage and marketing targets we have set but also in providing the superior levels of service so important in clearly differentiating us from our competitors.